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Notice: WenZhou Eurasia Rubber&Plastic Machine Company is modern science and technology type enterprises which gathers design、produces、sells、maintain for the integral whole.
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WenZhou  Eurasia  Rubber&Plastic Machine  Company is  modern  science and technology type  enterprises which gathers designproducessellsmaintain for the integral whole.

The company establishes in 1996,through the development and grandness for more than ten years, change the system and change name to be The Eurasia now;  The company  always invests  50,000,000, cover area 20,000 square meters,  construct area 12,000  square meters,  more than 100 persons fo employee;  the company  owns a high character  develop&management troops,  they are CMES mechanical  engineer  and other deluxe technical personnel;  The company owns various high precision large NC machining equipments, top-grade surface to roast paint equipments and perfect product testing system etc..

The mainly produces are the rubber&palstic mightiness press overturn knead machine;  double screws extrude machine;  whole set of  TPR  water cooling,  EVA wind cooling  high speed graininess making  machine,  opening  rubber & plastic  miller  machine etc. Independent  design  development  experiment  successful  the  program controlling mightiness  press  overturn knead machine  be authenticate  by  new industrial product and get science and technology progress prize by Zhejiang  province in 1999;  the Wu steel metal alloy ion sprays knead room have high accuracy and wearable character Etc;  The opposite wearable character  is 200-300% chrome plate's, attain international advanced level.

“Go together a study toward the European forerunner, Be in the skill area contend for doing the first in Asia” is us  Eurasia person enterprising and diligent target;We will provide a high-quality product for the customer with top-grade ervice;Welcome the customer of whole world and friend to our company, let us cooperate, create glorious future together!

ADD:Linyang Industrial Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China. 325207  TEL:86 577 65595387  FAX:86 577 65595389
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